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Vacation in Champagne



Champagne Epernay


Price: $399.00 per person

based on double occupancy

Car rental, 2-night accommodation,

daily breakfast included


Reserve !



Pick up your car in Paris (downtown or at CDG airport) and travel to Reims (about 1 1/2 hour drive). Once you have checked in to your hotel, take your time to explore this historic city.

Many monuments and museums bear witness to Reims’ place in French history, including the Gothic cathedral of Notre Dame and the Romanesque Basilica of St. Rémi.

Since the early 19th century, Reims, an excellent starting point for exploring La Route touristique du Champagne, is also known for its Champagne houses and their hundreds of subterranean chalk cellars, some of them in former Gallo-Roman quarries.

You will have much to choose from to entertain yourselves in the evening. For example, in summer, you can attend one of the 100 concerts offered to you during the "Flâneries Musicales d'Eté" (Summer Promenade Festival).


After breakfast in Reims take a leisurely journey to Epernay, the capital of Champagne wine. La Route touristique du Champagne meanders through nearby vineyards and villages, providing an opportunity to discover the unique landscapes and picturesque Romanesque churches of la Champagne.

From Reims or Epernay there are 70km of Natural Park, the tranquil hillsides of this part of the region form one of the richest wine-growing areas in France.

The quiet town of Epernay lies by the River Marne and is surrounded by vineyards. The tourism office at the beginning of the Avenue de Champagne is as good a place as any to start. The avenue is one famous name after another with the maisons de champagne standing proudly above their labyrinthine cellars - said to hold more than 90 million bottles!

The houses, most of which are 19th century in classical or neo-renaissance style, welcome visitors and for a small price will happily do a tour and furnish you with a flute to taste afterwards. The larger houses have organized tours with trains in the tunnels underground. Mercier, Moët et Chandon and De Castellane all provide guided visits throughout the day in season, and each has a different story to tell about the history of their own particular champagne. Mercier's train ride gives an idea of the kilometres (yes, kilometres!) of galleries storing champagne under the streets of Epernay.

The De Castellane museum has exhibits from every part of the champagne making process. Climbing the tower's steep steps is a good way to work up an appetite.
Driving distance: Reims to Epernay 29km (18 miles).


Enjoy a relaxed breakfast, check out of the hotel and start your journey back to Paris. For one final treat, take a trip out to the charming village of Hautvillers. Of share Dom Pérignon the inventor of the Champagne elaboration, famous occupant of the Abbey, you will be able to visit the Saint-Sindulphe church where it is his burial. The village is charming, and we advise you to stroll the nose on air to inhale the perfumes which are exhale from cellars and to admire the original signs of them and polychrome which overhangs each threshold.

Cathedrale Reims Package

Hautvillers Champagne

Reserve !


Year round


* 2-night accommodation in Reims in a double room at the Grand Hotel de l'Univers*** (or similar hotel)

* Daily Breakfast
* Car Rental - compact car with manual transmission and unlimited mileage (Renault Mégane or similar)


Options available upon request:

* Same package with mid-size/full-size car rental or with car with automatic transmissions.

* Same package with accommodation in 4-star hotels.


Champagne vineyards




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